Energy tab (double energy count / P1 meter and smart sockets)


I use several Power sockets which provide energy insight, i also have a P1 meter (via Domotizc on Synology NAS)

When i look at the tab “Energy”(Energie in dutch) is see my power usage. However Homey counts my P1 meter (All the energy used) with the power used my the powerplugs to create a total which is to high.

I use my lights (100w)
I see 100w as usage on the powersocket and 100w on the P1 meter.
Homey energy tab makes this a total of 200w

If you want to have overall house consumption correct, you can use virtual device with energy metering capability and assign negative consumption to it based on power consumption from other devices. Then overall consumption should be correct.

A device that is a power meter like the P1 needs to have:
“energy”: {
“cumulative”: true
defined as a property in the app.json. Is there anyway you can do that in the way you get the device from Domoticz?

Thank you for your comments.

I will look into this.
Unfortunatly changing app.json sounds difficult and not something i will (can) do.
Wil look into the virtual device if i can fix it that way.

Thank !

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