Getting kWh measurements with Watt

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I have got some help integrating my PV inverters to Homey, however the information about the kWh is not available through the inverter so I have only got wattage. Is there anything I can use to get kWh total through the day? I thought I could use the Power by the Hour app but I can’t since there is no kWh output.

Any help would be very appreciated!


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The most future proof solution is to contact the developer and do a feature request.

Other than that, maybe you can do something with the virtual device app?

Make the calculation with variables.


Every 1 minute

Calculate power/1000/60+energy=energy

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I did that:

Not sure if I do understand.
Could you please share a flow I could use?

Yes, he is the developer of Power app but you would need to contact de developer of the solar app. The PofH app is working fine, but has some restrictions.

But I am not using the solar app

Which app provides the solpanel devices?

No app, had some help making a homey script.
It works like this:
Measure_power is a property from a device that accepts Watts as value. Its a virtual device rather than a Solar panel app.
In short the HTTP get JSONpath does the XML grab. the string goes to the tree xml and grabs array number [2] which is your watt value and inserts that in to variable in Better Logic.
Then the flow at when variable changed (better logic) it will update the measure_power attribute of steca 1 or 2 to that number and there you are.

It is from xml provided from the inverters. However, only watt is present and not kWh.

Maybe you can do some calculations in your homey script?

The question mark in the flow is Energy variable. Same as the calculated outcome.

Yes but the outcome cannot be used with power by the hour.

If you make a virtual device and input the power and energy that device can be used by the power by the hour app.

Yes perhaps that’s possible, I’d say it would be cleaner to solve this with the scripting, but is it works and the topic starter is okay with it :ok_hand:

How could it be solved with a script?

Well, you created the homey script script… so you tell me

Put this in your script…
But make sure the energy is persistent after a script/homey restart :thinking: