Help\how to create an app

Hi everyone,

I have a question I hope someone can help me with or at least point me to the right direction. We have PV installed and they are connected to two inverters, StecaGrid 2500 and 2000. I can check the yield via 3rd party apps but it is not live data. However, I have been able to connect to the inverters through LAN where the production\yield is live. It is a very simple “web page” that shows me the same as in the display on the inverters (see images). Would it be possible to create an app where the live data can be populated via the ip address?

Did you try all the Solar Apps that exist?
Then maybe Webhooks is something you can use?
Or else Homey Developer

Hi @JPe4619 Thanks for your reply.
It should be possible to use this app Solar Panels App for Homey | Homey. But I do not have any of the listed inverters. The only thing I could maybe use is the PVoutput, but not sure how to upload data there and how to use it :slightly_frowning_face: