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The Solar Panels app did not have a thread here, so let’s create one! Use this topic for general help and discussion about the app.

I am working on some documentation around pairing inverters with the app. If you have an inverter that is not listed here and want to help, let me know and provide me with some steps and screenshots, so it can be added there. The documentation can be found here.

If you encounter an issue with the app, please raise it here, but do check whether it has not been raised before.


Hi @Diederik ,

As you allready know, the Omnik portal is not working anymore.
I collected some information about my inverter. Hopefully you can repair the Omnik readout.

When you go to the local IP-addres of your Omnik, http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/js/status.js you get the following page without entering any credentials:

In the picture I put a part of the web layout so you can see were the decimals have to be placed.

This has been raised on GitHub (including the same suggestion). I worked on a local implementation yesterday, which doesn’t use status.js but a raw TCP connection to port 8899.

Could you install https://homey.app/a/it.diederik.solar/test/ and try the Omnik integration? Let me know if it works for you.

I have installed the update :slight_smile:
What do you mean with WiFi S/N?
Where can I find it?

See the Omnik page, you can find it in the documentation linked in my original post.

Going to mention the Huawei SUN2000L here, hopefully some more users would like support for it, and we can work together to get it working :smiley:


I get an error when I fill the correct settings.

Is that the only error you received? Since that has nothing to do with the app, I think. Please submit a diagnostics report via the app settings page.

Could not find pair session is a Homey error. It happens for instance if you leave the pairing page open while reinstalling the app. I think it could also indicate a timeout where it took too long to enter the data

I have deleted the app and reinstalled it. After that added Omnik device again and filled in IP and Serial (as fast as I could :wink: ). But still a time out message.

Send @Diederik a diagnostic report.

Thanks! Yes, this is an issue with the app. For more recent Omnik inverters, the method that I’m using to fetch data isn’t working anymore. The inverter simply doesn’t respond to the request, hence the timeout.

For these inverters it will probably be necessary to scrape status.js, it’s ugly but it works I guess…

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Is there maybe a setting in the inverter that is different in recent Omnik inverters?
I made some pics of the settings.


I don’t think it’s in the settings, but somewhere at a lower level. The newer inverters don’t respond to the requests that are being sent, and no one has found the type of request that needs to be made to get data out of the inverter.

I hope you will make a workaround using:

Would it be possible to give the power generation a negative number so that it will match with the Homey power consumption? Or make it an option?

Excellent app, great support! Nice job!

Hmm I think this is something Athom should be handling in the application UI. They are already (partially) doing that, as solar panels do show up correctly in Energy (and the value being positive is a requirement for that, I believe). Maybe you can suggest it to Athom?

I have the plug wise p1 meter, that is reporting negative power results as well. There is a option to include or exclude the power consumption in homey. I’ve attached some screenshots

Wouldn’t you get a “double count” if Athom showed the production of your solar panels in line with the Plugwise P1?

Yes you would, that’s why I just have it attached for information only. Not using it for the counters. That’s why a negative count on the solar panels could help. I use the p1 for verification

I own an ABB inverter (PVI 3.0 OUTD), with a VSN300 wifi logger card installed. This uploads the data to Aurora Vision - Plant Viewer.
I would love to have these data readings in Homey so I can automate dryer/dishwasher etc.
Anyone experience with this converter, and can it be implemented in de Solar panels app?

Many thanks in advance!