[APP][Pro] SolPlanet

With this SolPlanet app you can let your Homey Pro read the data from your SolPlanet inverter.

The app will read the data from the inverter every 30 seconds and store it in the Homey Pro. You can use the data to create flows and insights. The current power production, the daily production and the total production are available.

The required settings are:

  • Local IP address of your inverter, example:
  • Device number, example: 2
  • Device serial number, example: AB1234567A12A1234 (casing is important)
    – The serial number is the one on the inverter and not the serial number on the Wi-Fi dongle.

Be sure to do the setup of the app while the inverter is online. The app can only connect with the inverter when the sun is shining :slight_smile:

Hi all,
Installed the app. But now I have a problem. I cannot find the ip adres of the wifistick. In my router I cannot find it. Anybody knows what name is connected to the wifi sticl. (I know you can only find it when the device is active)


The name for me was: espressif

If you are on your own network you can install an app like https://angryip.org/ and scan for the open port 8484. The Wifi stick listens on this port and you should be able to find it that way.

Good luck!

Finally got it working. Great work. The problem was that the wifistick was not connected. The Awei solplanet app is really #@$. I have a meter between the inverter and the electricity grid of my house, so I didn really need it. But it is nice I can monitor the inverter temperature now. Big applause to Mmaaikel. Any solplanet user does not need the flunky solplanet app now.

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I’ve been waiting for this app. :slight_smile:
Sadly I cannot connect. I found the IP adress and the serial number.
But what confuses me is what the device number is for?
Immediately when I push Connect i get, “Could not fetch the correct data. Check the settings”.
What does device number stand for?
My inverter is a Solplanet ASW10K-LT-G2 Pro.
And yes, the sun is shining. :slight_smile:


The Device Number is an internal number of the inverter which usually is 2, but is not defined anywhere so you can not easily verify it.

You could manually check if the device is reachable by using this URL:
http://{the-ip-address}:8484/getdevdata.cgi?device={device-nr}&sn={serial-number} → replace the ip, devicenr and serial ofcourse :slight_smile:

This should return a JSON string with for example a: “flg”:1,“tim”:“20240326103152” in it

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Thank you for the answer, that explains a lot. :slight_smile:

I get a response from Solplanet with the url and device nr:2, 3 and also 4.

The response from dev 2 is:
Device not found

The response from dev 3 is:

The response from dev 4 is:

But no response in the Homey App. It seems that the app do not wait for response and times out istantly, or it cannot collect.

The error for device 2 ‘Device not found’ is an error you get when you’ve entered the wrong serial number. Did you enter the sn from the inverter or the wifi dongle? The one on the inverter is the one you need (below the barcode).

Splendid! That did it.
Thank you very much! :slight_smile:
I thought it was the SN from the dongle i should use. :smiley:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: I’ve updated the first post to tell it is the sn of the inverter.