[APP][Pro] Connect Solar Goodwe Inverter to Homey

I created app for monitoring Goodwe solar inverters:


How to setup:

Ensure you have registration on SEMS Portal before you continue!

  1. Use account (username/password) from SEMS Portal
  2. When you open detail in SEMS Portal, in url you find your SYSTEM ID required for creating device (something like https://www.semsportal.com/powerstation/powerstatussnmin/xxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx - these “xxx” represent number you have to copy as SYSTEM ID
  3. Click connect

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For support please use this link.


I suggest use Virtual Devices. This application will allow you to monitor individual parameters of the inverter on one screen.

Virtual Devices

Here is guide how to setup it:

This is what the result might look like:

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@Jaromir_Matejko @Michal_Stranik

If you could please keep the conversation in English as much as possible, then more people will be able to participate and help you.


I am trying to my Goodwe inverter but get an error:

measure_battery OutOfRangeError: 400 is greater than 100 (out_of_range)

What to do?

Hi, could you write me email to mistradev@gmail.com? If you will agree to share temporary your data, I will check why this is happening.

Hi! Thanks for the app! Really nice!
How often does it poll for new numbers?

@Lintin Default interval is 5 minutes, inverter also report only every 5 minutes, so it doesn´t make sense poll more often.

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since this morning the app throws this error

['ADD"“UNBIND”|, hasError":true’msg"“T
““code”:“innerexception”“data”:”; comp onents”:
('para":“{'model":{'PowerStationld": 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx}”“langVer”:1 53 “timeSpan”:3131 6,'api":“http://eu.semsportal.com:82/api/v2/PowerStation/GetMonitorDetailByPowerstationld
… }

When I restart the app the error shortly disappears, but then (I assume after using api to get the data the first time) the error is shown again (red sign with ! Next to the goodwe device).

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Suddenly the error disappeared. Seems to have been a problem on sems/goodwe site!

@Michal_Stranik Is this problem fixed? I got the same issue.

Around midday CEST the error didn’t appear again after I restarted the app.

As I didn’t recognize any app update, I think the issue has been on sems/goodwe site. In parallel i tried to install another solar app which also connects with goodwe. I wasn’t able to do so at that time. I just tried a moment ago and it works now.

Hi @Thorpedo @rikadoo , sorry, but I can´t fix something, what is not broken : )
It seems to be problem of Goodwe, their API is not reliable. I suggest contact their support.
When I contacted them some time ago, they wrote me, they can´t/won´t help me with API, so there is nothing I can do about these fails. App I made just use their API and if it fails …

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Thanks for the reply, well then this app is useless for me :frowning: I will follow this app, maybe in the future when GoodWe fixed his API i will be usefull.

Thanks for the work!

It is interesting, that app works on my device without any problem. Did you try contact Goodwe support?

Hi michal,
Nice work! do you have the nice svg icon available for use?

Hi @Stortkoker , I don´t understand your question.Could you be so kind and clarify it for me?

You used some nice icons on your virtual devices, I hope you could share these.

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I see, here is link for download:

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Super! Many thanks

Hi @Michal_Stranik , have you looked into to send commands via this app to GoodWe? I have the battery solution and would love to be able to choose from triggers (electric prize) when the battery should start chargning/dischargning.