[APP][PRO] Connect Solar Goodwe Inverter to Homey

I created app for monitoring Goodwe solar inverters:


How to setup:

Ensure you have registration on SEMS Portal before you continue!

  1. Use account (username/password) from SEMS Portal
  2. When you open detail in SEMS Portal, in url you find your SYSTEM ID required for creating device (something like https://www.semsportal.com/powerstation/powerstatussnmin/xxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx - these “xxx” represent number you have to copy as SYSTEM ID
  3. Click connect

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I suggest use Virtual Devices. This application will allow you to monitor individual parameters of the inverter on one screen.

Virtual Devices

Here is guide how to setup it:

This is what the result might look like:

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