Anyone managed to link Homey to SolPlanet (aiswei)?

I’m considering installing an additional set of PV panels. In stead of a SolarEdge convertor, the supplier insists on SolPlanet (aiswei), but I don’t know if I will be able to add this to my Homey set-up.

I have a solplanet inverter. I haveput an p1 meter between the inverteren and the rest of the electriciteitsnet System that way I can monitor my sun relay, I know solplanet can provide API. But I myself Cannot make an app

Hey Paul, thanks! What kind of P1 meter do you use?

Hey Stef.

I had Wi-Fi kWh meter 1-fase MID installed in my fuse box (Wi-Fi kWh meter 1-fase MID - HomeWizard) The inverter is connected through this meter. You can also buy the meter and let the installers install it next to the inverter. The meter, as it supposed to do, only measures the current you produce. I also have a P1 meter to my electricitymeter. This measures what I deliver back or consume. Using PbtH app I can measure anything I want.

I was also missing a SolPlanet app for Homey so I’ve created one: SolPlanet App for Homey | Homey

It uses your local network to connect to the SolPlanet inverter instead of their cloud.

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I installed it and it could detect my inverter, but as soon as I add it, I get and “Empty ‘data’ property” error message… Is there anything I missed?


Oh that is strange! I can check tomorrow if I can replicate the error, but I have to wait for the system to be online for that :slight_smile:

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