[APP][Pro] Support for Fronius inverters and smart meters

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Adds support for Fronius inverters and smart meters
App link : main and test

For issues and requests : github

Feel free to donate to support the project !

After installing the app, several possibilities are available :

  • Inverter : shows for every inverter PV power, daily/yearly/total Production, AC/DC current and AC/DC voltage. PV power is reported in energy tab
  • Smartmeter : shows current, voltage, frequency, power and energy (produced/injected) for every smartmeter
  • PowerFlow : shows for the site PV, Grid, Load and Akku power. Load is reported in energy tab.

In test version :

  • Reporting : using datamanager archive, adds a reporting app that shows costs, savings, self-consumption rate, etc.
  • Ohmpilot : reports consumption and temperature for Ohmpilot consumption regulator
  • Storage : reports battery capacity, charged capacity, current and voltage

I added a new test version with reporting (it uses datamanager ArchiveData to show/calculate some values such as savings, spending, etc. )

If someone is willing to test, I can try adding Battery and OhmPilot in next version, it should not be difficult.

I added basic support for ohmpilot and storage in test version - as I do not have theses devices, testers and reports are welcome

great App! I have a question ? why can’t i see on the smart meter card. currents, voltages and frequency.

It’s strange. Could you open an issue on github ans post the result of : http://[ip]/solar_api/v1/GetMeterRealtimeData.cgi?scope=System


Sorry, i might be wrong here, but when i connect Homey with Fronius via Homey-Fornius-App i need to enter Hostname/IP-Adress (it says Specify Fronius Datamanager IP/hostname). I enter the IP in the format x.x.x.x but it does not work. What do i need to enter? Or how if not x.x.x.x?

The IP address is that of the inverter

That is clear. But what is the format when I add it? It does not work with x.x.x.x

error message: