[APP][Pro] Support for Fronius inverters and smart meters

Hi. it needs the Homey pro hardware, because the app needs the ability to do local web requests, which is only available for Homey Pro.

It works with the previous Homey Pro too, that’s why it’s already available.

Ah ! I didn’t know, that there was e previous hardware version of homey pro. Just found homey days ago. So this is why the app is already in use.

I noticed that with Shelly, that Homey is able to get data by cloud-to-cloud access. This was the reason why i asked for cloud-to-cloud access to fronius, because fronius offerst this cloud-to-cloud accees and i am using it in another appilication where i only had to enter my systemID of fronius and open up the guestmode. So for now, the Fronius App needs the hardware because it get’s the data local by LAN Connection. I’m finally up to date now.

How did you solve this issue - I have exact same problem.

Did you check if API is enabled ? Can you access it on your web browser ? It’s often because of a setting disabling the access (for exemple Nightmode deactivates web request during the night)

Thanks - I just realized it was blocking the solar Api access after an upgrade to the inverter software.

Laust S

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My daily production is always zero and doesn’t seem to refresh. It only updated 10days ago. The other readings (total productionAfter only three days, I only had it at zero.
Do any of you have a reading here?

Updates of “Daily production”, “Yearly production” and “Total production” are irrational at best.
Today, it has been 11days ago they have been updated.

Which inverter model do you have ? Is it a GEN24 ? Thanks


Yes, it is.
Primo GEN24 5.0 Plus

I also submitted a Github request; please let me know if you need anything from me that could be of help.

Did anyone get the datamanager to work?
And yes, I also tried replacing :'s with .'s

Can you try with a . between the numbers ?

Thank you for your reply.
I tried that.
I also tried replacing :'s with .'s

Are you sure it works with a GEN24 inverter? I do not have this separate board.

Some values are updated … well never.
Others every few seconds, others after minutes.

Is anyone experiencing the same irradic behaviour?


I am still trying to get the Datamanager up and running. Does anyone know if the field ‘Device Name’ (SITE NAME) has any importance? Can I just fill in any identifier?
I suppose the IP/hostname is the IP address of my inverter?

On the Homey Pro 2023, I can’t add the Power Flow device
I get the error: Empty 'data' property

But with the same parameters (IP), it does work do on my older Homey Pro (2016) on both the stable and experimental version of the App.

The inverter and battery device have been added successfully though


I had a look and the API is not fully supported on GEN24 : “Energies are not provided and device types DT are invalid on GEN24”


I think I found the problem. In the fronius-powerflow driver in the pair html:

let deviceDefinition = {
    data: {}, 
    settings: { ip: hostname }

Changed to:

let deviceDefinition = {
    data: { id: 0 }, 
    settings: { ip: hostname }

Then it works like a charm.

Could it be that an empty data object is not allowed anymore?

The data element was required all the time. It must be unique, so should contain a unique ID like serial number or a GUID.