[APP][Pro] Support for Fronius inverters and smart meters

Thanks for the report ; it worked before, I fixed it in test version.

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Hello again,
some additional details…
The id: 0 will only allow one device for this driver. Have you used a unique ID now?
I will get my Fronius Gen24 soon so I can test a bit in future :wink:

Correct Ronny, the { id: 0 } was just a little proof of concept. To verify that this was the issue.
@Ethaniael this would be a solution with a uuidv4

  function uuidv4() {
      return ([1e7]+-1e3+-4e3+-8e3+-1e11).replace(/[018]/g, c =>
          (c ^ crypto.getRandomValues(new Uint8Array(1))[0] & 15 >> c / 4).toString(16)

  function doSubmit(){
      let hostname = document.getElementById('hostname').value;
      let name = document.getElementById('name').value;

      if (!hostname || !name) {
          Homey.alert('Please fill in all fields');
      else {
          Homey.emit('validate', { "host": hostname })
              .then(result => {
                  if (result == 'ok') {
                      let deviceDefinition = {
                          data: { id: uuidv4() },
                          settings: { ip: hostname }

Or just use the code from Athom they use to generate device IDs. Then you don’t need additional modules. Just tu keep it simple :smile:

    getUIID() {
        function s4() {
            return Math.floor((1 + Math.random()) * 0x10000)
        return `${s4() + s4()}-${s4()}-${s4()}-${s4()}-${s4()}${s4()}${s4()}`;

Indeed, unfortunate this is. :slight_smile:
Thank you anyways!

thanks it’s better than the id:0 quick fix, I’ll use that

If you dig in the documentation, you’ll find that it’s stated that some fields are not supported on GEN24. For example, for the powerflow request I use :

At the bottom in the example you have this warning :

I you find another way to get the values with the web requests I’ll be happy to have a look.

Hi, I’m new in Fronius family since today :slight_smile:
I added the Gen24 and the BYD battery. But how can I add the Fronius smartmeter, that’s connected to the inverter? I get a not found error message while pairing using the inverter IP.


Can I somehow get the consumption/production values from the inverter like the HomeAssistant integration provides?

Or are these values available for the smartmeter device?
While adding a smartmeter using the inverter IP I get this error:

I would be happy about hints how to add this device. Thanks.

It should work with the IP address. Could you please send the result of

Just a small update…using the new test version it’s possible to add the Fronius smartmeter via Gen24 IP.
Many thanks @Ethaniael

Hi @Ethaniael

would it be possible to add DC current/voltage/power for more than one input (at least 2)?
The Gen24/Tauro is supporting these values and I have two inputs (north/south side).
The current capabilities are only showing the data for input line 1. So I’m missing the secont input line.

If I should better add it and make a PR, just ket me know. But perhaps you better want to keep your code in your style :slight_smile:


This is new (I didn’t know about it), I’ll have a look to add it


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Yes, it’s new for Gen24 devices. These values are optionally and not delivered by other devices. So please ask if I can test something (url etc.).
Many thanks.

Hi @RonnyW. I know you requested that a while ago but if you’re still interested I did a first version with support for udc_x and idc_x (for now it adds a new parameter to choose the number of mppt tracker to display).
It’s not yet published but you can try it from github

Hi, I’m using the wattpilot as well. Are there any plans to extend the app in this direction?

Thx, Oli

Wattpilot is a standalone device and not dependent on the inverter API.
That means, a new app is needed.
The e-Go wallbox is technically nearly the same, but they are using a different firmware, so the differences between the APIs don’t allow to add the Wattpilot to this e-Go app.

In the meantime, the HomeAssistant integration can be used (if you have already HA installed).

Hi Ronny, thx for reply. I asked the go-e team as well. I didn’t know HA, so I’ll check this as well. Thx

Is it somehow possible to change battery settings (min/max charging/discharging settings)?
It seems that’s the only way to control an AC charging.

Currently I don’t use it (fixed prices). But it would be nice to control battery charging at night if next day has not enough solar production.
The API description has only GET requests documented. The battery control is only possible via local inverter website.
So I assume it’s not possible with automation?

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I found additional informations…
It’s possible to control inverter/battery functions via Modbus only.
Usecase would be to charge in winter at low price periods.

But I think this would need a new app. Parallel use of http API and Modbus wouldn’t be so good. Or it this something you want to add to this app @Ethaniael ?


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