[APP][Pro] Support for Fronius inverters and smart meters

I made an small tool app for Modbus access. With this app it’s possible to read/write Modbus register for every Modbus device with flows.
So you can use the current Fronius app for data readings and perhaps the new Modbus app for changing setpoints.

I’ll add a new thread when the app is approved. Then I can provide some details how to use it.
Possible would be to change battery settings (like done in Fronus web interface):

  • set discharge rate
  • set charge rate

Basically these settings, but a bit more low level.

@Jan_Peeters FYI

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hi @RonnyW ,

Such an App would be most welcome!
would this be an application for Modbus TCP and/or Modbus RS485.
If applicable, can you elaborate some more on the converter to Modbus you recommend (RS485)?
Thank you,

The small and simple Modbus app is available now.
As said: low level to read/write register via flows.

Ronny, I am interested in this. I currently have a separate device to do this but can’t control it via Homey.
To use Modbus I had to make a settings change in the Fronius so that it was Priority 1. Would that also be the case when using the Modbus App?
In the example above you show a method for reducing battery charge. Would that be the same for reducing solar output or would that be a different register.


I noticed that in the Fronius App, the states are not available in the “AND” category. This means that no capabilities can be used in the “AND” condition. This is somewhat restrictive for what I have in mind.
I am about to register data generated by the inverter in a google drive document. I only want to do this every minute, when the generated power by the inverter is higher than value. The second part of this logic is not possible. In Home Assistant, the capabilities are available in both conditions.

Is there a real blocking factor that makes it so the conditions (capabilities) are not available in the “AND” condition?

Capabilities available in the “WHEN” condition:

Capabilities unavailable in the “AND” condition:

Most apps are providing conditions only for special cases like a mode with dropdown list.
For simple values, you can use standard logic cards and use the global tokens provided by the device (= the capability values).

Hmm :thinking:

I used a variable “power” in a logic function. But it feels like a workaround though.

No worries, that’s a default usage.
An app condition would only provide something like “greater than” you can also revert in the flow card. With logic you have more possibilities like “equal”, “not equal”.