[APP][PRO] Plugwise Smile P1 - Dutch and Belgian Smart Meter Reader

Plugwise smile P1

Homey app to integrate Plugwise Smile P1 energy meter. A direct connection over IP is used, so there is no need for the Plugwise Stretch.

The app logs and provides flow cards for the following data:

  • Actual power usage/production (W, 10s interval)
  • Totalized power meter (kWh)
  • All individual power meters (kWh)
  • Recent gas usage (m3, of the previous hour)
  • Gas meter (m3)
  • Tariff change (off-peak, true or false)

Ledring screensaver:

  • See how much energy you are using or producing just by looking at your Homey!
  • Is the wash-dryer ready? Am I now producing power to the grid?

The power is totalized for consumed and produced power, during off-peak and peak hours. Production to the powergrid is displayed as negative watts. Only changed values are logged.

To setup go to “Devices” and enter the IP-address and Smile ID. The ID can be found printed on the device, or can be found in the original app from Plugwise. The polling interval can be changed in the device settings.

Version changelog: changelog.txt


Note: the old forum can be found here: https://forum.athom.com/discussion/1587

new version 2.1.0 is pending approval in the appstore. It has improved Homey V2 compatibility, and reduced memory footprint.

Good work!

Since i am still on 1.5.13 and not likely to switch to 2.0 soon, is the new version safe to use on the old firmware? Or should I switch off the auto-update?

Yes, it works just fine ( I still have V1 also). And you can leave on the auto update. If the app is no longer compatible with V1 I will make sure that it will only install on a Homey V2.

Great, thanks!


Just noticed that my LED Ring was showing a green ring with a red revolving LED spontaneously.
After some digging I saw that the app was updated automatically this afternoon and apparently this set the LED Ring to the “Plugwise Smile P1 Power” option (was that there before???).
The state was however shown as “Off”.

Maybe you should have to take a look at this.

Ok thx. So my attempt to make the ledring work for Homey V2 failed then :unamused:.

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Well, don’t know about 2.0, but on 1.5.13 it does work. Be it somewhat forced… :slight_smile:

Works for me too but indeed got forcefully selected on 2.0. Can select another though.

I Just received my test Homey. So if it is raining this weekend I can start to address the various V2 problems. :hugs:

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I have homey 2.0.1 buy its not working. Used IT all the time on 1.5 and before. Got update yesterday but stil not working. Thanks

Exactly what isn’t working (anymore)?

The led ring is not working the rest is ok

I am testing with Homey 2 all evening. But I cannot get the ledring to work on Homey 2. Its either a bug in Homey or bad documentation. I expect the first… So please be patient with the ledring. The rest should work properly though.

Oké no worries. Its not a big deal Just Nice when it works again. The awarnes of usage in house is Nice.

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I made a new version v2.2.0, soon available in the appstore.

This has a workaround for the ledring bug in Homey V2. Also in this version the app settings page is optimized for V2 on a mobile device.


today a new probleem occured, does anyone know what to do? restarted homey and the plugwise.

the message says that Homey cannot reach the ip address of the plugwise. Are you sure that the plugwise is connected to your network? Or has the IP address changed maybe?

All was OK, today Ziggo upgradet their speed. I assume they changed the ip adress, thanks for you comment.

New install of the smile, now everything is fine!

Met vriendelijke groet,

Mark de Roo van Klaveren

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