[APP][PRO] BeeClear P1 Energy Manager, Dutch and Belgian smart meter

BeeClear Energy manager

Homey app to interface DSMR P1 smart meters via a BeeClear Enery Manager.

A local connection over IP is used, so there is no need for an internet connection.

The app logs and provides flow cards for the following data:

  • Actual power usage/production (W, 10s interval)
  • Totalized power meter (kWh)
  • All individual power meters (kWh)
  • Recent gas usage (m3, of the previous hour)
  • Gas meter (m3)
  • Tariff change (off-peak, true or false)

Ledring screensaver:

  • See how much energy you are using or producing just by looking at your Homey!
  • Is the wash-dryer ready? Am I now producing power to the grid?

The power is totalized for consumed and produced power, during off-peak and peak hours. Production to the powergrid is displayed as negative watts. Only changed values are logged.

To setup go to “Devices” and add the device. Provide the username and password. The polling interval can be changed in the device settings.


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Version changelog: changelog.txt


I have a Beeclear unit and would love to get the data into Homey!


I have fiercely developed all evenings this week. Please download from here until it is released in the app store:

It is available as of NOW in the app store:

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Works great! Thanks for the quick development! :+1:

Very happy with this app: Now I finally have a very simple way to get my actual energy usage into Homey.

And BTW also very happy with the BeeClear device. Nice historical overviews and the Beeclear device stores all data locally so no cloud storage or subscription models.

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How is the current gas usage calculated and displayed?
The units are m3 but is that per a certain time unit?

I have to check. I think it is m3 per hour.

Edit: I checked and it is indeed m3 per hour. For recent smart meters the value is updated every 5 minutes. Older meters update every hour.

New version 1.0.1 got released this morning.


  • Internal code optimization
  • App icon update
  • App store Dutch translation added
  • Small fixes
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Hi, I am trying to connect Homey to my BeeClear. I am getting this error:
“Cannot read property ‘dubbeltariefmeter’ of undefined”
Can you help me?


When do you get this message, during pair? And can you post a screenshot from your Beeclear settings page (the beeclear webpage, not the homey settings)

Can you post the beeclear settings screen (with all the on/off sliders on it)


I think you have old firmware installed. Can you upgrade to 49.10 and see if that solves it?

Yes that was it! Thanks!!


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Hi !
Colud you confirm that it works with a Belgian energy meter (Ores) ?

I don’t know. If the Beeclear unit supports Belgian meters, the Homey app will also support it.

Check the Beeclear site and/or contact them to find out: Beeclear Ondersteunde slimme meters


I found this on the belgian official website.

So it seems to work.

Hi, I am trying to connect my Beeclear device but keep on getting a timeout/network not responding error. - Beeclear is on 49.10_NL firmware image

  • tried switching Https on and off (standard use is on): no difference
  • tried connecting using the admin user: no difference
  • created a seperate (read only) user: no difference
  • I can ping the device on the IP address I have entered

Any ideas?