P1 meter compatible with homey

Hello, i like to know which p1 meter device to read out electric and gas, is compatibel and can be used with homey?

I don’t know if energyflip will work with homey, also i have seen plugwise but there where limited options with it.

What options are you missing on the Plugwise P1?

@TedTolboom I don’t own both but i heard bad reviews over the plugwise.
Also the function where very limited and like if this is correct?

I have a Plugwise P1 v1 and no reason to replace it.

It feeds all my insights properly. It is stable and it has a configurable pollng interval which is key for me, as I have a splitter on the P1 port with a Plugwise P1 and a smart EV charger attached.

Setting a proper polling rate (not too fast) for the P1 is what makes my Smart EV charger work properly.

Happy with it.

Do you have a realtime update from plugwise?

Yes, as in every ~5 seconds as is also the update frequency when you look at the Plugwise P1 website


Thanks, i think i will go for the plugwise p1 meter

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I configured 20 or 30 seconds, as it was interfering with my Smart EV charger. Now everything works flawless for me.

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And know that besides the ‘official’ Plugwise app there is a very well supported community app for the Smile P1: [APP][PRO] Plugwise Smile P1 - Dutch and Belgian Smart Meter Reader