Huisbaasje / Aurum P1 energy measuring

Hi all,

I will be receiving a smart energy meter (NL: “slimme meter”) shortly incl a “Huisbaasje”. That is a Aurum measure set for connecting to the P1 port incl app for monitoring.


Unfortunately, I can not find any info about it here. Has anyone managed to get it to work together with Homey?

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As far as I know is Huisbaasje a paid Service, so be aware, the Aurum is for gettiing data from P1 to this service, you don’ t need it, use a plug direct into the P1 connector.

Not exactly. You buy the measuring set to connect to your meter and wifi. Then you connect the app to the account to which the measure set belongs.
You only pay for the measure set; there is no monthly fee.
And we are lucky enough to get the set for free as a project in sustainability in our city, Enschede.

So in general it should be possible to get the data into Homey if it can interact to the Huisbaasje/Aurum account data.

OK, as a good Duchman, I say, if it is for free, get it. But inerfacing to Homey is another thing, I have not seen, someone is working on that, maybe a chalence for your selves? What would be the advantich of a connection with Homey?

I won’t be able to do that myself I am afraid. I am technician, but not in software… :slight_smile:
The advantages would be the same as any other P1 connector.

Furthermore; one of the other advantages of participating in this project is that my heating is gonna be adjusted to make sure all the radiators get the right amount of hot water (in Dutch: waterzijdig inregelen”). The energy measuring was another advantage and nice-to-have.

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If you can find a description of the interface I can have a look at it. I created other P1 apps for Homey.

Thank you for that offer, @Gruijter! That would be great. Will definately let you know as soon as I have the interface. Will be at the end of this week I suppose…

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Just ask the manufacturer if they are willing to support the development of a Homey app. I need SDK or API documentation (for local device readout, not via cloud!), and a test device.

As a fellow Huisbaasje user, I’m also interested in linking it to Homey.
Have you contacted the developers yet?

I’m also interested.

If any of you contacts the manufacturer about this, I am willing to create the app.

I have just send a request to Aurum/Huisbaasje with a cc to @Gruijter.
Curious about their response!
We’ll keep you posted.

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We got a response from Aurum/Huisbaasje, but it unfortunately is not what we hoped for.

They write that there is currently no api available. They do want to make it available in the future, but cannot give any promise on when to expect it…

If other users would like to express their wish for an api (and therefore the possibility to create a Homey integration); their mailaddress is

Sorry that I brake on this topic.

My Homey pro is on its way, and would be the replacement of our ics2000 from KlikaanKlikuit.
This device has a port for the P1 and that works fine.
Can I still use the ics2000 and read everything in the Homey app?

Greetz Kevin