New low cost P1 energy measuring Wifi "dongle"

Hi all,

HomeWizard has introduced a new “dongle” for the P1 port of your smart energy meter. It also connects to Wifi without additional hardware or subscriptions and costs only € 24,99.

That could be a great addition to Homey, especially for this price!

Community member @Jeroen_Tebbens (developer of the HomeWizard app) has offered to write the app for this dongle.

Are there more people interested here? Jeroen needs a device for testing of course. Perhaps together we can get him up and running…?


Github source currently here, development still underway…

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Does it connect directly with Homey, or do you need Homewizard to make it work?

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Thx @Jeroen_Tebbens.
On your Github, you write that you first have to connect the P1 dongle to a HomeWizard unit.
But thought you said the base unit wasn’t necessary?
Or did I get you wrong?

Ignore the text for now. Its a left over of rewriting the existing code that is used for Homewizard and its subcomponents to a single Homewizard Energy one. So yeah you dont need the Homewizard unit at all.
So you are right the Homewizard base unit is not required at all but modifying existing code and is text takes time. I will fix up those cosmetics on text and descriptions later when it technically works.

Awesome! I looked at this unit myself when it came out, but couldnt find any direct interface description. This is indeed the cheapest P1 solution available then :+1:

Yeah it is very nice for those that don’t have a smart solution yet so great move from Homewizard company (finally). I still have the Energylink tracking the smart meter. The only downside I can see of the new dongle is it doesnt track the solarpanels and water meter I have on the S1 and S2 port (dongle has’t got it). The dongle will only track your aggregated usage of watt/power. So the real value for panels isn’t noticed and can only be done with the DIN modules that you have buy next to it.
I focus on the wifi dongle for now since that will be biggest chunk.

Yes I would be interested, and definitely available for testing

I have made a first donation to you to buy a test device, @Jeroen_Tebbens.
Who is with me? You, @Frank_van_de_Schuur? @Gruijter? :slight_smile:


Well, I already have some P1 devices and apps to maintain myself :joy:

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Thanks everyone!!! Very much appreciated!
I will buy the dongle to develop against sonI wont have go through static test data.


I know @Gruijter :slight_smile:


Done. Looking forward to the app

Thanks again, just ordered it.

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Dongle is shipped so expect it tomorrow.

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with this new to bild app it’s only about the dongle, or is the kWh WiFi meter also included

Question: I do not have anything from homewizard. If I buy the dongle now can I then use it already with just the IPhone App or do I need to wait for the Homey App?

Only dongle. The WiFi kWh for solar has no API yet. Or at least I haven’t found any yet.

Yes you can use the App that HomeWizard delivers. There is no dependency with Homey. Just you don’t have it integrated with Homey yet until the build I am working on is released.

Great. Then I ‘ll order it.

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