P1 smartmeter shows no readings

P1 smart meter as advertised by Homey and supplied by Home Wizard installs nicely via the Home wizard app. Then I install the P1 slimme meter app onto the Homey, then added P1 device successfully in Homey . BUT no readings of any kind. What could be wrong here?

Might be a local timing problem, please restart the Homewizard app in Homey to see if it removes the red marker. Also, see if your not by accident turned off the Local API inside the Homewizard Energy app for the P1. This Local API is key to allow the app to work and get the data out of your P1 dongle into Homey.

Thanks this solves it. Previously I had installed the wrong app (P1 slimme meter) but I now installed the Home wizard app and I have the readings on the P1.

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