Homewizard P1 Wifi 'no devices found

I don’t see any recent issues on this mentioned, but I got my HomeWizard P1 this week. Standaard HomeWizard installation went well, and I able to see metering in the HomeWizard app.
So my conclusion to this is that it is correctly connected to WiFI.

Unfortunately Homey (pro 2023) does not see any devices when I try to add it.
Please help

Same WiFi network?

I have P1 connected to my HP2016. Now I have also connected it to my HP2023. No problem at all. Installed in less than a minute.
Have you tried to reboot HomeWizard Homey-app?

Did you check here as I asked you? First post has a step by step checklist.

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Have you enabled the api function in the energie app?