Homey pro (2019) can't find P1 adapter through tunnel

Hi all,

Bit of a problem I’m currently stuck on so was hoping someone smarter could give me some pointers on how to resolve this.

I’ve got 2 different locations one with the homey and a bunch of other stuff that works just fine and now recently there’s a new location where I’ve got some solar panels connected with a P1 meter from Homewizard.

The 2 locations both have a Watchguard firewall with a tunnel set up between them, so there are 2 networks and I can access all devices from one on the other, so if I’m in the network and surf to say, the printer webpage in the other network ( it opens just fine, tunnel connects fine with no errors etc… so far so good.

Now what I’d like to do is add that p1 meter that’s connected to the wifi of the to the homey app, but homey is incapable of finding the P1 meter (it did find the other P1 meter present in the network).

If I had to make an educated guess I think homey is merely scanning the local network (so the 16 range) and ignores the 15-range, afaik this wouldn’t be a problem if I could manually tell homey where to look but since I can only have it scan (and not find anything) I’m somewhat stuck.

alternatively I figured I might move the homey to the other network, pair it with the P1 meter, then move it back again but since it only connects with Wifi I’d have to reset it, connect it to the other wifi network, pair, then move it back and change Wifi again, though I’m not too familiar with this process (will it delete my config?) and I’m unsure it’d even work like that.

So that’s my current situation, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have the idea that most devices used in home automation are designed to work on one IP-network only. Probably because they use network broadcast services limited to one IP network. So both your IP-networks shall have the same network number like and the two locations shall be bridged, not routed. You can do that with a VPN.
Just ping the device and then show the ARP-table, you can see which devices are on your local network. Use the arp -a command on any computer connected to this network.
Or use arping command https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g_sIrZZNYdM

Between the two networks you need to enable Multicast DNS advertisements from the network where HomeWizard P1 one to the network where Homey Pro is installed.

I have segmented networking at home to isolate things, and mDNS is advertised from the IoT network to the segment where Homey is installed and this setup works flawlessly.

There was a plea to implement the capability in 2019:

Don’t know, if that was ever made.