How to reset P1 meter

Last week i installed a new router. My P1 obviously lost it’s connection. I started bliking red. But i didn’t find my answers how to reconnect the Wifi. So i removed the device from my app. Now i can’t get the P1 in connection modus (still bliks red).

Can you reset the device on it’s own? So i can get to connection modus again?

It would help if you state what brand P1 meter you use, and what app you use to attach it to Homey.

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Does this have anything to do with Homey?

Homewizard P1 meter

EAN 8720892068705

The HomeWizard communicates via WiFi. So when you change your WiFi router, you have to connect the HomeWizard with your new WiFi network, just as al your WiFi devices. Most likely it will get another IP-address
Then you have to let the Homey app the new IP-number. Most easily done by adding the HomeWizard P1 again.

This is the problem.

I can’t change my wifi because i removed my P1 from my app.

Read the manual of your HomeWizard how to connect it to your network.

I was already wondering what the Energy app was. Not a Homey but an iOS/Android App😁

Yeah, I guess also. That’s the reason why asked @Curtricias if it has anything to do with Homey, but I didn’t get an answer.

It would be nice if the welcome message/topic contained some rules how to report a question/problem and how to do do fault isolation.
Ideally a topic should consist of 1 question and one answer😇

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Good suggestion, I will discuss this with the other moderators.

No it doesn’t have anything to do with homey.

So if you rather delete this topic. No problem.

Did you solved the problem with the hints of the Homey users?

I already searched and tried all those options. I’ll try explain the problem again.

My app and P1 meter were perfectly installed and worked perfectly.

After installing a new router the P1 meter lost its connection (blinking red light).

I searched in the app for a possibility to change the WiFi code. But didn’t find it.

Then I made the mistake to remove my P1 from my app.

Now the P1 still can’t connect to my internet (Red light still blinks). I even unplugged it for a day in hope that it would lost its settings. But it didn’t.

And since I removed my P1 from my app I don’t have the possibility to reconnect it. As there is no possibility to put it in pairing mode….

The only option I think I have is to reset it. But I don’t now how.

Maybe push a button for a long time, or disconnect it from the P1 meter for a long time, so it has no power?

As earlier mentioned I unplugged it for more then 24 hours. Didn’t work. I’ll try to push the button for a very long time :grin:

Contact HomeWizard :disappointed_relieved:

There are a lot of troubleshooting guides on the Homewizard web page, have a look at those and I think you’ll find something relevant to the situation.