Smart Gateways Smart Meter gateway + app topic

Hi all,

Since last summer I’m using the P1 Smart Meter device from smartgateways.

Homey model: Homey Pro early 2019 model.
App: Smart Gateways App voor Homey | Homey
App version: 3.0.3. Also installed 3.1.0 (beta) to trouble shoot, with same issue so rolled back to 3.0.3.
Device: Slimme meter wifi gateway -
Device firmware version: 2022120601

This has been working very well since last summer, but last days/weeks I noticed some gaps in my graphs. These graphs show hourly data and also totals per day of the last month. During the last months there were some days missing, so there have been multiple days without correct data readings.

I started digging around a bit and found out that at this moment the device itself in Homey quite often reports “Apparaat Onbeschikbaar request to failed, reason: connect EHOSTUNREACH”
At the moment when this error is present, I am able to connect to the device via its webinterface (by browsing manually to above url).

I investigated a bit further and concluded that at this moment the Homey app only does the first reading correct and the next readings give above connections issues (see above). This conclusion is based on:

  1. If I change the polling interval in the app the first reading goes fine again, the second one after the given time interval gives again connection issues (I can check it with the stopwatch). During this time the webinterface keeps working.
  2. If I restart the app, the first reading is fine again, the rest is exactly the same as by 1.

So my conclusion is that the app itself only does the first reading correct with the current version. I only don’t understand why

For now my workaround is to restart the app manually once a day (in an automated flow), so I have at least one correct reading per day (this is required for the daily graphs).

I wanted to report this here because some others might have the same issue and either look for a solution or know a solution. I’ll try to inform the app and/or device developer as well.

Note added 1 day later: the 1st reading is not show the actual values. Homey gives the last successfully read values (which are now 2 days old) and gives a connection error when the 1st (and subsequent) updates fail. This also means my workarounds don’t do anything… :frowning:

There are other apps that also run into this issue (the Shelly app for instance, and HomeyKit also has similar issues). They don’t seem to be caused by the apps themselves.

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Ah, good to know. I don’t see it with other apps I use but then it is likely to be a Homey issue and not a specific app issue. I use the Shelly app to read 2 Shelly 3EM, this app or these devices luckily still work well.

Thanks for the info!

Added a gibhub issue as well: EHOSTUNREACH, only 1st reading works, all subsequent readings fail · Issue #8 · magtimmermans/smartgateways · GitHub

Another update: originally I thought the first read of the smart meter was going well, but actually it isn’t. It uses the latest successfully read value (without an error message) and then the next attempt to update the value end with the connection error message.

Looking at my graphs a think the issue started on the 30th of November or the 1st of December.

So I had a look at the software updates done around that time. The timeline only shows 5 days history. Is this somewhere written in a logfile where I can find it?

I notice that there was a Homey Update to 8.1.0 on 23th Nov, but I’m not sure when it was actually installed.

“30 November or the 1st of December”
That was the day that Homey(cloud) stopped being free of use, you need App 6.11.11 for that.

Thanks for your reaction, and good to know. Not sure if this apps uses Homey cloud (but don’t see a reason for it). And shouldn’t this give (much) more users with the same issue?

I am not the developer, is this something the developer should check and what do you mean with app 6.11.11? Or did you mean to type APK?

this is the mobile app for the android phone.
Sorry, I thougt you where using the Homey cloud version.

No worries, I could (should) have added that to my post. I have the Homey Pro early 2019 model. So it all runs locally.
I’ve updated the first post with this info.

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I was unable to investigate further the last days. For some reason it seems te be working for the last 2 days. But I did not do any changes the last week.

Somehow it is working stable again for more than 10 days now. Didn’t change anything by myself, so still unclear what happened. I’ll keep monitoring!

Hi everyone

Ive noticed the following when checking the data from the smart gateways p1 through homey insights:

My total gas consumption is still correct but the actual usage has been stuck on the same value for a few months. Nothing i do seems to have any effect on this nr. Obviously tried rebooting etc.

Any suggestions?

Same problem here, the days seem to vary, but the value stays the same?!