[APP][Pro] Homewizard

Control your HomeWizard products (not the Link or Smart Switch.)

Stable: v3.1.2
Test/beta: v3.1.2


Wifi P1 dongle support is only working when dongle has firmware 2.09! Please check firmware before you try to add it. This firmware support mdns (auto discovery) hence easier to add. Wait for the dongle to get this firmware from the cloud before you try to add it.

kwh1 & kwh3 (SDM230 & SDM630), energy sockets and the watermeter (~August 2022) before you try to add them you MUST enable Local API in your Homewizard Energy app. This is disabled by default and will not allow a discovery to work (mDNS method).

Make sure your wifi devices are getting a reserved ip address in your DHCP scope of your Wifi / Router dhcp.


  • Make sure Homey is in the same (wifi network)
  • Reboot homey (mdns discovery might be stuck)
  • Power cycle your device P1, KWH, watermeter or socket
  • Verify local api is on in Homewizard Energy app for the device
  • Watermeter does not work when on battery only (must be usb powered to enable local api mode)
  • Install mdns discovery app on your iphone/android and check for _hwenergy._tcp and see you can see your devices there.


  • For Homewizard Energy devices my suggestion is reserve static ip’s in the dhcp server scope of your router (when possible). Some routers and dhcpserver keep cycle their dhcp scope.

  • More advanced tip(and those who are knowledgeable enough to implement): separate your IoT devices from your local LAN. Most of these IoT devices are cheap China tech and not known to proper firmware updates. When you separate these you need mdns repeater/proxy/relay on your router. But only if you know how to do it as its very complex to implement and requires a high level of network understanding (vlans & firewall rules).

HOMEWIZARD (legacy, yeah the old appliance)

Upon first deployment you need add the Homewizard unit first,
then you can add the related/connected components
from Homewizard to your Homey (ie. Heatlink, Energylink etc.

Get your local Homewizard IP address and local password (not the Homewizard Online account!)

Homey does not support Heatlink and Energylink directly without the Homewizard unit.
Homewizard have protected their 868mhz communication with Energylink and Heatlink so you still need the Homewizard unit to make this work.

Supports: Energylink, Heatlink, Windmeter, Rainmeter, Temperature sensors, Smoke & Motion sensors
Does not support: Light bulbs & Power sockets (use KlikAanKlikUit or Smartwares app to control these).
Note on Motion sensor: There is a 10 seconds delay (use KlikAanKlikUit or Smartwares app if you need direct response).

Change log

  • New features from P1 firmware (Peak/OffPeak info)
  • Bugfix (import-export energy KWH)
  • Trigger fix Peak/OffPeak (Energy P1 dongle)
  • Pre FW 4.x P1 Dongle fix for T1 & T2 Export meter values


  • Several bug fixes & Fine tuning (memory usage long term async/await adjustments)


  • P1 fix for showing Production using T2 (normal was T1 dal)
  • P1 fix for Sweden aggregating value uses different metric from API


  • Watermeter and thermometer offset fixed (callback is not a function error)
  • Removed axios library and keep node-fetch as base communication library to devices.


  • SDKv3 support (big thanks to @Bram_C for testing)
  • Minor textual fixes
  • Code cleanup


  • SDM230 changed from sensor to socket type (allowing better Solar detection)


  • Energy-socket changed from “sensor” type to socket type, so you can flag what type of unit is plugged in the socket (heater, tv, solar, etc…)
  • Minor fixes on energy_socket


  • Energylink S1 & S2 electric car support
  • Wifi strength value added to Energy Sockets, P1, SDM230/SDM630, watermeter (user request)



  • Watermeter offset value support
  • Updated icons for kwh1 and kwh3 (credits to @basvanderploeg)


  • Heatlink fix (function error)
  • Adjusted error logging to show less details, added axios abort controller to enforce abort to pending session.


  • Homewizard Energy - Watermeter support (Device must be USB powered and LOCAL API ENABLED)
  • Dropped AbortController implementation (prone to memory problems)
  • Temporary disabled precheck tcp


  • Adjusted mdns condition check as it was matching the wrong devices


  • Rainmeter fix (non zero values were not updated and resulted in an error)


  • Added AbortController & FetchError catch error handling
  • titleFormatted added for some action and condition flow cards


  • Energylink bug fix
  • Increased Homewizard Legacy polling to 20s and timetout to 18s due to slower devices that have local wifi issues with app users.


  • Increased timeouts for legacy Homewizard
  • Added catch error for energy_sockets that fail state query


  • Attempt to catch unhandled rejections as of version 7.4.0RC22
  • Async fixes
  • Rain meter invalid values: measure_rain capability expected number vs invalid
  • Fix: Energylink errors
  • Improved HttpError handling for Homewizard (legacy) unit (prone to memory leak).


  • Temperature & Humidity offset support (Thanks to Stevenv2201)


  • Energy Socket support - Credits & thanks to denniedegroot
  • Only update values when changed (P1) - Credits & thanks to denniedegroot
  • Icon and images updated (Energy Socket)
  • Improved mdns discovery


  • Several bug fixes (P1 numbers and values, SDM230 problem, memory leak)
  • Increase node-fetch module timeout to 20s (to compensate for slow wifi connection issues with Homewizard appliance)
  • Updated manifest & description to comply with Homey/Athom policy
  • New icons for Heatlink and Energylink (thanks to community sharing)


  • Populating missing meters/metrics
  • Flagging the kwh1 as solarpanel if the active_power_w goes negative which means there is a solarpanel unit attached to it
  • setClass bugfixes

NOTE - (you must enable Local API in your Energy app first!)

  • Support for SDM230 (kwh fase 1)
  • Support for SDM630 (kwh fase 3)
  • Legacy Homewizard - additional error handling on communication issues - memory leakage


  • Updated icon for P1 wifi dongle
  • Bug fix on trigger card on t1 & t2 return meters


  • Bug fix: Remove empty meters for households that don’t have phase 3 powergrid or return solar production

Relevant sources and links
Project master source: GitHub - jtebbens/com.homewizard: Homewizard app for Homey
Beta channel: https://github.com/jtebbens/com.homewizard/tree/beta
Test install from app store: HomeWizard App voor Homey | Homey

Support issues/problems raise them here: Issues · jtebbens/com.homewizard · GitHub

Developers: Jeroen Tebbens, Jeroen Bos, Nick Bockmeulen, Freddie Welvering, Emile


Placeholder for future messages.

The power sensor from homewizard adds up to the total usage in homey energy. But the watcher should be the overall power usage. And all the other devices a slice of that. Now I have more usage then the watcher says.

For example

650 should be the bottom value. (Total usage)

I don’t even see Energie (HomeWizard)

Hi all, Homewizard app is not compatible yet with Homey 3.0. It was just released (final) and I have it installed today myself so I can start development/update on the Homewizard app to make it work properly with Homey 3.0.

Thanks for the quick reply! If you need any info let me know. I will wait until the next release


Beta release (pending) Energylink is now detected as overall measure (Smart Meter/Slimme Meter).
To use this you have to pair your Energylink again.


Ok beta version is approved so you guys can play with it.

Thanks! The p1 energy is added to the energy measured in the zones so the total energy is not correct.

Please explain. Don’t understand.

After I log out and in (app) everything looks fine.


After a wile the Engerylink values won’t update anymore. Resetting the app does not resolve the problem.

That problem is related to your Homewizard wifi connectivity. I have no problems with the beta app myself (still running and getting Energylink data). Another one could be Homewizard and Energylink distance. Not sure how your units are placed and configured but it sounds like you have to check it first.

Mmm strange, never noticed that problem before…

I noticed the same thing (before the beta version), but like Jeroen said it’s a Homewizard issue.
What i did , i connect Homewizard to a KAKU switch and connect the switch to Homey.
At 00:05 Homey checks with Energylink if the values are not greater then 1kwh.
If they are greater Homey switch the KAKU off and after 30 sec on , to reset Homewizard.
And the problem is fixed :grinning:

Yes correct. Another problem what could cause this is if you have other integrations (domoticz or HASS etc) talking to your Homewizard unit. The Homewizard unit gets overloaded (high cpu or open connections) which eventually make the Homewizard unresponsive for a while. Not sure if you have other http gets getting data from Homewizard?

No I only use HomeWizard with Energylink at the moment. Maybe I’am switching tot Youless in the near future so I can switch off Homewizard. But for now I’am happy with your app and investigate the connection with Homey as you mention.