DELETED - OLD/ARCHIVED [APP] Homewizard Energy (stable: v0.1.7 beta: v0.1.7)

Yes it does (see image). Sun is shining and the energie goes negative and thus delivering back to the net.

But can we use this to switch a smart plug ? ( lets say to put on a boiler and heat water)


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this is great!

Hello Jeroen, i am using the app now! it works great i was abble to add the flow to switch on a heater when the energy is smaller then0 . (nog niet kunnen testen wegens geen zon in Belgie XD) I do not fully understand al the info that is on the board, the picture you post has a different layout, can this layout be changed?

Edit: i think i see that you got another (test)/version. :slight_smile: currently installing that one!

Which picture do you refer to? Some users don’t have a solarpanel or deliver back to the grid. Also some have 3 phase powerline and hence it will show the meters on the device dashboard. Sadly, no you cant change the order of these meters there.

Is the kwh meter also planed to inplement?
And do you have an idea when it will implemented?
I would like to buy one to monitor my solar panels.

Well I am not aware if there is API available for that unit so no, not until Homewizard releases an API, I cant add it.

Thanks for your reply, and i send homewizard a message to see if there is an API or if it is planned.
Will let you know the outcome.

I already have a answer back from them, not what i would like to hear.

Het klopt dat op dit moment de API van de kWh meter niet beschikbaar is. Deze zal wel komen maar heb helaas nog geen tijdsindicatie voor uw. Hou onze nieuwsbrief dan ook goed in de gaten.

Ervan uitgaande u zo voldoende te hebben geïnformeerd

so looks like we have to be more patient. maybe if more wil request the API they wil give it more priority.


This update will not get any updates and will be/is merged with the existing Homewizard App.
Athom’s policy on apps is to have brands/vendors in one app and with their help/support this code has moved to the main Homewizard app.
Eventually this app will be removed the Homey App store to avoid confusion.

Thanks for the notice, @Jeroen_Tebbens
How can we easily switch to the Homewizard app?
Or is it just an uninstall and install with loosing the existing devices and flows?

No existing stuff/flows wont migrate so you can install the Homewizard app next to it.
It will autodetect your P1 dongle and then you can go back and update your flows one by one.
But I still have to add the submeters there (currently only “watt” and gas/m3 are added.

Or…you keep the Homewizard Energy app but it will not receive new updates. Up to you

Thx for all your work, @Jeroen_Tebbens!

Code is migrated so the whole P1 dongle should also work with the “Homewizard” application in the Homey app store.


My Homewizard energy p1 just came in today. I installed the app first. I was expecting that the p1 meter would also show the history of usage. Maybe I couldnt expected it for that price ;).

Offcourse I immediately installed this Homey app. Nice work btw!

But im wondering what kind of flows I can use the p1 meter with. Do you guys have any examples for inspiration?

I dont have any solar panels btw, but maybe in the near future.

Homewizard Energy (and therefore the P1 dongle) is now integrated in the Homewizard app:

And discussed here:

Have you read this topic? It is written just one message above yours here… :wink:

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Yes please use the main app. This version will be archived/ removed


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