Homey variant of HomeWizard water meter?

Is there a water meter similar to this one, but then for (or compatible with) Homey?

(if an additional Raspberry Pi is needed that’s OK; I already use a Zero for measuring energy/gas)

Errr, this one is supported

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I didn’t even knew there was an App for HomeWizard devices… :man_facepalming:

However, that stills seems to require a hub / base station?

@prosumer The new Homewizard devices don’t require a hub. (local API via wifi)

The new devices are:

  • P1 meter
  • Energy Socket
  • KWH meter 1/3 fase
  • Water meter
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@prosumer yes it will work without the old Homewizard main unit.
Just be aware you have to enable local API in your Homewizard Energy app first before Homey can find it on your network.