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That I can understand. I stick with this until it breaks.


The amount of solar panel energy is added to the P1 energy so the total used energy displayed is not correct. Is mij understanding correct?

Yep looks like it. Energylink measure_power plots used power so no clue why Solar adds to that. Not sure why it does. The value below should be used power overall from what I understand in the Energy documentation so that is the value I pass. I still need to add my Solar panels as well and see the behavior.

Ok, thanks for your respond.

Ok after some questions around the value should be netto and not total usage so I need to deduct the solar production

So a new beta I guess?

Is the Wattcher data in this app version calculated and charted in the same way as the Engergylink data? Doesn’t seem to be so.

Sorry I don’t own a Wattcher so hard to validate. But I only know it tracks your used power. Energylink can do delta of used and solar which give a netto value.

Yes a new beta will be pushed when I finish local testing on my Homey.

Ok netto value on Energylink is the way forward. I will push the code fix to git and the app store

Do we need to pair the Energylink again?

For this update no. Only those start using Energylink for Energy the first time.

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Beta updated on git. You can do a developer install if you can’t wait for the Athom approval.

Thanks Jeroen!

My point is, that the Wattcher shows the total power consumption of all devices and therefore should charted also the overall power usage in the powercycle. In v 0.2.7 it is still wrong. Please could you fix it. I apreciate that and your work on the app very much!

As @Maurits mentioned above:
“The power sensor from homewizard adds up to the total usage in homey energy. But the watcher should be the overall power usage. And all the other devices a slice of that. Now I have more usage then the watcher says.”

@Joka could you please share your screenshot what is wrong with Wattcher because I don’t have one and don’t understand what you mean.

WATTCHER value = correct overall power usage, this should be shown at the position where 532W is shown in the screenshot.

532W = wrong overall power usage , because the power consumption of Homey is add to the value of WATTCHER. But actually it is already included in the WATTCHER value.


@Joka found the problem. You can try dev install the beta branch (v.0.2.8).
There were two definitions of wattcher in the app.json file, one with and one without the cumulative:true flag. The first entry was the one without hence it would stop reading other sections. I removed the duplicate entry so the wattcher should now work as expected.

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Thanks, works fine in v0.2.8 beta.

Do you now a way how the day usage could shown in the energymeter app homey?

Homey Energy does not cater for that. Not sure where it should show anyway. So you can only look at your Wattcher device for that purpose. Maybe Homey will implement this later but currently it does only show the Watt values and. It does not have a section on kWh.

App is released in the Beta channel of the Homey app store.