Energy Monitor P1 (including watermeter)

Currently I’ve the Energylink in place from HomeWizard.
But to get rid of all the HomeWizard stuff I’m looking for a good solution/replacement option of the Energylink.
As I’ve no RJ45 network cable near my fuse boxes (meterkast) I’m looking for a wireless one.
Energylink is powered by P1 port. So no additional powersupply is used. Would be great if there a device with this also, otherwise have to create an additional socket. Then I’ve a additional watermeter on the S port of the Energylink. Would like to keep that one also.

Does anyone have advises for me in this case? Would be much appreciated.

Mayby can do what you want?

Thanks for your reply,

Do you’ve one at home? If yes, how is your experience with the Iungo?
And if you’ve one, do you’ve it with expansion box? (Maybe can share some pictures from device and how it is showed in Homey?)

Understood correct that I can hook it up on Zwave protocol instead if WLAN? (Or networkcable is available but haven’t one over there)

Thanks for your reply in this case!
Much appreciated!