Plugwise app of Plugwise Smile P1?

I Have the Homey Pro (early 2019) and I have the Plugwise Smile p1 meter at home. To use it I have always used the Plugwise app (the ‘official’ one by Plugwise B.V). Several devices are compatible with that app, one being the Smile P1 (V3) one I have, so I have chosen that one, a while ago.
Everything works fine.

I noticed however there is also a specific Plugwise Smile P1 app, by the great Robin de Gruijter!
What’s the difference between the two apps?


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Mine just works without issues. :wink: The ‘official’ Plugwise version was created some years later and had issues and less functionality in the beginning. Im not sure what the difference is right now because I need only my own version and that has worked very well for many years now. Plugwise Smile P1 App for Homey | Homey

And I make sure my version is compatible with Power By The Hour!

You can install my version besides the official one and start comparing. But if the official version works for you, no need to switch right?