Virtual Devices energy consumption

It seems as if power ‘measurement’ in virtual devices is broken since last update. Virtual devices do not show the energy consumption I configured. Anyone else noticed this?

Works fine in my case.

I wolud like to turn off energy consumption for a Virtual device. It s a device that gets my house energy consumption. Right now it just adds that device ro all my other consumptions = high consumption!

I don’t understand what is wrong. All my devices that do not have energy measurement capabilities and for which I manually set energy consumption values show 0w in Homey energy tab. It is regardless of the device on which the Homey app runs. I have no idea how to solve this issue.

Update on this issue: all virtual devices report 0 w energy consumption, regardless of whether there are on or off. See screenshots. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Build in VD Works (Homey v3.1.0)

But the VD App 0.8.8 is not working?!

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That’s it! It is a bug in the VD app! If I use the build in virtual devices, all is good. Thanks for this insight.

I don’t get it…

Measuring energy doesn’t work for me either. Not in the built-in virtual devices and not in the virtual devices app. Anyone have an idea how you can solve this?

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You can use the “meter_power” to set the consumption in VD.
It is just a placeholder, I calculate the consumption using a cumulative variable.