Change "Power usage when on" with flow

I have been using Virtual Devices (app) to create virtual power meters for real devices.

For example, I have a fan with 3 settings, off, low and high, and I know the power consumption of each mode. With Virtual Devices I can create a power meter and change the value with a flow. So if I set the fan to high, the flow will update the power meter to the corresponding power consumption.

This allows me to see what’s more accurately what is happening around the house in the energy tab. But it does create a lot of virtual devices.

My question is, is there a way to change the actual device’s value of “Power usage when on” with a flow like we can with the Virtual Devices app?

From what I know, no.
Maybe it can be done with Homeyscript

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Thank you so much for your answer. I am new to homey and trying out the basic things first, but I will certainly look into Homeyscript soon. Hopefully I can learn how to use it well enough and maybe find a solution there :slight_smile:

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You may ask it in the HomeyScript category

Maybe you’re interested in virtual devices “10.0”:
With the advanced virtual devices (from Device Capabilities app (same dev) you can display the values / states of devices, Chronograph timers/stopwatches/transitions, Better logic variables, without using any flows

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Oh that sounds great! I will go and try the Device Capabilities app today, that seems like fun to mess around with before jumping onto homey script. And that way I can at least get rid of some flows.

Thanks again for your guidance, it is much appreciated :smile:

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