Virtual device app “set a virtual sensor value” how to interpret?

How would I interpret this when I want to set the current temperature value of a virtual device (the app not the experiment)?

I’ve tried multiple things without luck;

I must be missing something obvious but I don’t see it.
Thanks for your thoughts!

The first option should work. See the picture below. Check that you don’t have any unwanted spaces in the value or the condition

Aha it works indeed but only when the virtual device is on. That sucks, was hoping it would update also when it was off to reflect the temperature.

Thank you for your thoughts :)!

work with a variable and when that one change set the measure _temp

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Try the “target_temperature”

I am trying to set up a virtual sensor value in a flow but I get the error invalid_capability. I am just getting energy consumption information from a device and trying to show it in a virtual sensor with current, voltage, power meter and power capabilities.

It must be something stupid I am doing but I am not able to find the issue. Can someone help?

Can you review this link;

And rather than “power” set “measure_power”

Thank you very much for your quick support !!

I added “measure_XXX” as you suggested and it works now.