Virtual Device invalid capability

Hello guys,

I made simple weather station using ESP8266 Wemos which can measure temperature, humidity, maximum wind speed, wind speed, rainfall…

All of them are triggered to Homey as float. Looks like this:

Homey.trigger("temperatureOut", (float)Temperature);
Homey.trigger("windSpeed", (float)windSpeed); 

I created Virtual Device where I can “store” values…its working perfect with Temperature and Humidity but others don’t work. This is how looks my Virtual Device:

and here is example of flow which doesn’t works.

I get just “invalid capability” error. Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

replace the “rain” tag with the capability in text.

Yup, something like measure_rain

List of all capabilities → link

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Sorry to bump a old topic, but this was the only thing I could find. When using the capability in the flow like measure_rain how does the flow know which device to use?

Lets say we have 3 devices that has the capability measure_rain how does Homey knows which one we want to update? Because setting a virtual sensor to update the value does not work and shows the error invalid capability

The name of the device is in the top of the Card, and you have chosen the card that belongs to the virtual device:


In my opinion, you are thinking the wrong way around. The virtual sensor is not setting a value, but the value is set to the (capability off) the sensor.

Look one post up from yours. Or post a screenshot of your flow card.

Thank you for the reply, after rechecking my flow I see it. Sorry for all the trouble. I have made a Homeyscript that gets a json and put in 1 of the json values to a homey tag. That one I use in a flow that saves the value to a sensor.

I am very new into Homey so again sorry for bumping this old topic.

@robertklep Yes this topic solved my issue because I first tried to save the value to the sensor instead of the capability.

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