Hi all,

I made this rain gage after sending back the gauge from Z-rain. Bad connecting and not worth the money at all. So now I get the signal and every time it switches I get 0.15mm of rain (still have to check this). Now I would like to get a message with the total times per day it switches. Is this possible?


So, if you get a message every time it switches then create a flow to increment a variable and another flow to reset the variable at a specified time (midnight).

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You could even add a virtual sensor for measure_rain and use the following flows to updated it:

First create a variable called Rain. Then update the variable each time the sensor switches:

Replace the Trigger card above with the one from the sensor.

Now update the virtual sensor each time the variable updates:


Wow that’s quick :+1:. Oke tonight I will try if I can follow what you discribed. Thanks for the quick response​:grin::+1:

HI Adrian,

I have got it almost working. The variable update works fine. The problem is the virtual sensor that does not update. I see the bold text in your picture MEASURE_RAIN. What is that? Is that homey scripts? How do I update the virtual sensor?

When you add the virtual sensor, it will have a property depending on the type. I added a Rain sensor so that has a property called measure_rain which you need to set to update the value.

I used the Virtual Devices app from the Homey store to add the Virtual sensor.

Adrian,how can i see what the property is from my virtual sensor?
these are the options i have so i took “sensor”

and then “Regen” (rain)

so now i have a virtual sensor with .mm


and i am getting this error

In the card for set sensor valve type measure_rain in the sensor box.

This developer page gives a hint at the names of capability names to use:

The text you need to enter is from the ID column but you have to do a bit of guessing to workout which capability applies to which virtual device.

I had tried this yesterday and now again. Same failure but then I saw I used a capitle letter M instead of m. Now it works fine. Thanks again for your quick help. For the first time I am waiting for rain now :joy::joy:

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Hope the counting flow will not be blocked by homey because it is triggered too often

Hi, ist this gauge selfmade/printed? If not, could you please share a link? With the Aqara sensor it’s a clever solution :+1:

Yes thats correct, it’s printed. I don’t know where you live maybe I can help you out. Otherwise I can share the print file if your not in the Netherlands

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Thanks, but I’m from Germany. I saw similar gauges online with a reed sensor inside. Seems to be something similar which could work with a Aqara sensor. Thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

What type of sensor did you used?
I don’t recognize it.

The sensor is an aqara door sensor, cheap and effective. Works like a charm

Thank you.