Watering the garden with Homey

Hey folks,
I need a little help as I do not really know where to start. Let me paint you a picture :slight_smile:

I have a pump in my garden that is pumping groundwater into my sprinklers. It is connected to the power via a smart switch from Aeotec (Dual Nano Switch). Via Homey I can switch it on and off and with that, switch the sprinklers in my garden on and off.

I also have a Netatmo weatherstation that includes a rain meter. It is connected to Homey so in theory, Homey should know if it rained the last 3 hours or not.

You can probably feel where this is going :smiley: I would like to create a flow (or flows) where Homey looks at the rain meter and based on the reading at a certain time (letโ€™s say, 8 in the evening and 8 in the morning) either turns on the pump or not. Iโ€™ve tried to get this to work but I do not know how to get it to work the way I would like it to.

Does any one of you have a clue or a hot tip? I would very much appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Make a variable Rain yesterday and Rain today. Make a flow , WHEN every hour, Then set a logic variable, rain today.

Make a flow, WHEN it is 23:59, then set a logic variable Rain yesterday to Netatmo Rain today

Make a flow, WHEN every hour, AND time is between 20:00 and 08:00, AND rain today is 0, and rain yesterday is 0, THEN turn on.

If you want exactly no rain for 3 hours then tou have to make multiple flows like this;

Make 8 variables named rain 1-3 hour, rain 4-6 hour, rain 7-8 hour etc etc. Make a flow when it is 03:01, then set a logic variable, rain 1-3 hour to rain Netatmo rain today, second flow, When it is 06:01, Then set a logic variable rain 4-6 hour (rain 4-6 hour minus rain 1-3 hour) etc etc

Make a Few flow, When every hour, and choose the variable which correspont with the three hours time, Then turn on