I need Help with Automating Homey for Garden Watering System

Hey all! :heart_eyes:

I Just joined the Homey family and I’m already diving into the cool stuff. I recently set up a watering system for my garden and wanted to take it to the next level with Homey. Ideally, I’m looking to automate watering for the mornings and evenings, but with a rain check – gotta be smart about that H2O, you know? :innocent:

Here’s my arsenal: :point_right:

Homey Pro (the brains of the operation!)
Smart irrigation valves (all hooked up to Homey)
Weather station (keeping an eye on the skies for me)
The thing is, I’m stuck on building the perfect flow for this automation magic. Anyone out there have experience with a similar setup? Maybe a step-by-step guide or some app recommendations for configuring the flow?
I also check this : https://community.homey.app/t/water-floor-heating-system-that-works-well-with-homsnowflake

Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi Deniz and welcome.

First try to use the search function of this forum👍
I just searched for ‘irrigation’ and found this topic amongst others :wink:

I’m using Gardena gateway and wireless sprinklers using the following flow to check if the grass is wet:

and then setting a schedule:

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