Water Floor Heating system that works well with Homey?

I am considering changing my Watts under floor water heating system with a controller, actuators and thermostats that can be controlled by Homey. Stability is a must. I have been looking at Danfoss (Icon 2), Roth Touchline, and Heatit Z-Water 2. It looks to me like there is only Heatit who have an official app for Homey. But that system is currently not for sale here as they are having som trouble with it I have heard. Any suggestion?

Then don´t use Homey. It’s designed to operate lights. I will never trust my heating / security / locks to Homey. It is a fantastic device, but it is not rock solid stable and reliable for these kind of real serious tasks.
I.e. When my lights don’t act as expected, it is not an issue. When all of my plumbing ends up frozen, I would not be very amused.

Oh, I can see that I have not been clear here. I meant that the water heating system must be stable. I have heard some of them have had firmware issues and similar. I will only use Homey to control the thermostats a few of degrees up and down, not to control the whole system. Thanks btw :slight_smile:

dont use heatit, every day is one of 6 heatit tmp2 Termostat missing connection to homey.

Hmm…is that maybe the firmware issue I have heard of?

maybe its because of that, but i dont think so. I’ve kontaktet thermo floor before because of this issue, but they have not høre before this problem. When you read a litle bit about heat it you will see i am not the only one. It is only raportating to homey, when you have direct assosiation to heatit water, it looks nice and work in 90%