Heatit Z-water


I need a relay module to control the valves in my underfloor water heating system. Anyone who knows if Heatit Z-water is supported by Homey or if there are any similar products that are supported?


Not so far as I can see, but Logic Home control ZIF5030 seems to be identical to the Z-Water device.

(On a side note, Nexa AD147 dimmer plug (not supported) is identical to Everspring AD147 dimmer plug, but I cant use the Everspring app to add the Nexa one. So I guess the device must be supported in Homey by the correct manufacturer even though the products look totally identical).

I’d very much would like to se a support for a floor heating device like this as well. I presume I can get some proper z-wave thermostats connected to it?

Both questions are adressed in the corresponding (ThermoFloor/Heat-it and Logic Home Control) app topics…

The code of these apps are available on Github…
I am open for contributors adding support for these devices to these apps…

Let’s continue more detailed discussions in the app topics.

I’m new to Homey and automation so any direct links would be appreciated. Thanks!

The two app topics listed in the search results:

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Perfect, I will follow the discussion in the app topic. Im all new in the Homey community so i have a lot to learn.