Suggestions for best irrigation system with Z-Wave

Hi all,

I’m planning to go for a complete smart make-over for the garden of my new house. Everything inside will be Z-Wave based, so preferably also in the garden.

I’m looking for the best solutions for an irrigation system for sprinklers and dripping tubes for a garden which is roughly 400m2 (lawn, borders, trees, etc.).

What do I have to look for when it comes to Z-Wave products, valves and accessories to make this a smart system controlled by Homey? Sensors are not needed since I use data from a weather station.


you didn’t find this button?

Friendly as always… :unamused:

YES, I did find that button but first of all, most are a year old or older. Second of all, even these results show posts that are not (completely) what I’m asking. There are posts with a little bit of information and mostly about a specific brand (Gardena). I’m just asking people to share their suggestions and solutions. Start treating people a little nicer here… Instead of this useless answer. And maybe first check if someone is an active user that is helping others too.

He’s just suggesting the search option for you, which you didn’t mention in your post you already searched (we still aren’t mind readers), and lots of people that Don’t do that (including regular people), or don’t know what to look for, so giving a search option can be useful. (though it could have been put a bit more nicer way)

As for suggestions, I have only seen the Popp brand have a z-wave valve to control water.
Never seen an entire irrigation system on Z-wave

Its the tone of voice. I see that being done more often… edit: sorry, I see you pointed that out.

On topic; thanks. I have see multiple suggestions for elements within the system, Yes. But I don’t have to have one brand. Different products from different brands is fine. Valves and (I think) relays are the basis. But then it also gets tricky; 24v ac, 230v ac, Etc. Which relays, and how to use them outside.

Would a basis of a magnetic valve and a relay per zone be enough to setup a smart system? Or am I forgetting about something?

My setup: 24VAC valves and z-wave relays for pop-up sprinkles and dripping systems. All centralised so that’s how I deal with “use them outside” problem. If decentralised, then u need to run also electricity beside water pipes.

Google is ur friend and it shall give you results not just about specific brands but also about generic solution already posted if that’s what u looking for.
Like this one HERE..

Thank you. Good to hear and that sounds like a solution for me.
Which Z-Wave relays do you use?

Same as the ones from the above link. Fibaro dual relays.

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