Water resistant outdoor plug - Preferably ZWave

Hi all,

I’m currently working on our ‘smart garden’ combining sun down and movement sensors. That’s working fine, so far so good. My wife now bought a string of led bulbs that works on 220V via a plug, with LED-bulbs. Looks good, but I have to connect it… Instead of stripping the wire and removing the plug, I would like to connect the string to an outdoor socket, a smart one of course.

FYI, I have one unused light connection in the wall outside the house (eye height), without a switch (we don’t have switches on the ground floor at all). The idea is to install a waterproof socket there, either a standard one with a zwave switch behind it (e.g. Fibaro) or to install a waterproof wireless socket (e.g. Woox, Sonoff).

What would you recommend knowing that we have mainly HUE, Fibaro and Neo Coolcam in house?


I bought two Popp outdoor z-wave switches last year. Those are perfectly usable in outside conditions. The only “problem” I have is that my house is very isolated and therefore sometime the signal does not reach the switch.

But the problem is actually because my house is built with a cage of faraday. With aluminium for isolation between the walls. So if your house is constructed differently it would work much better I guess!

Here is a link to the manufacturer site:

If you are in the Netherlands I can sell you one of mine if you want :slight_smile:

I have the same one, when it is in range, it works perfectly. I also have some range issues sometimes, so turning a light one isn’t an issue, but then the acknowledgement isn’t received back by Homey, so Homey still thinks the light is off. Which causes the ‘turn off’ signal not to be sent. So the light will remain on pretty indefinitely.

But that’s not the device’s fault, so if range isn’t an issue outdoors for you, go for it!

Thanks for the suggestions. I realize I wasn’t clear about the current situation. The thing is: there is an empty box with wires in the wall. So I can do anything I like, like placing a lamp, a socket, or anything else that needs electricity. A solution like the POPP plug only works with an existing plug, but wouldn’t it be a better solution if I can install an ‘all-in-one’ solution like this https://wooxhome.com/power-c2/woox-r4052-smart-outdoor-plug-eu-p22 ? But then in line with other Zwave products at home?

I guess you have found your own solution then :slight_smile: This is actually an outdoor socket with a Z-Wave switch built in. So that should work just like the plug in version.

What do you actually want to say with in line with other Z-Wave products at home?

Euhm, it’s Wifi, not Zwave I’m afraid. And indeed, I would prefer Zwave in order to benefit from the existing network mesh. Wifi is not stable outside our home, unfortunately.

Excuse me, my bad :slight_smile: I did not check the protocol. The other option is to add a Z-wave switch to normal outdoor outlets. Since the outdoor outlet guards the z-wave switch.

BTW, i have seen there is no app yet for WooX. That is a pity…

Edit2: Just read somewhere that it should be Tuya compatible.

Thanks for the effort! I’m now looking at Sonoff by the way, but need to figure out whether the devices (mini or S55) will work with the app developed for it.

Did you test this if WooX works with Tuya

Hi Chris,

I haven’t as I purchased a Sonoff mini and installed it in the socket outside. Works quite well!

Sorry, I haven’t got one of these, just derived it from the specifications.