Z-wave/Wifi outdoor

Hi all,

I’m currently looking for implementing garden lightning. There are several options like Philips Hue over wifi (costly).
On the other hand, I’m also trying to use unpowered z-ware sensors (like sensative) on all different gates, where currently they are not able to connect due to no z-ware signal outdoor.
What should I do ?

  • implement powered z-wave lightning in order to have a z-wave network outside ?
  • Use z-wave controllers outside controlling standard gardenlightning
  • Use standard gardenlighting using z-wave bulbs ?

Haven’t figured it out yet, hard to find correct answer… :-/

Anyone have some tips or best practices ?

Thanks !



Did have outdoor lighting from inlight for 20 years and still going strong. Last few weeks renovated the garden and obviously did purchase inlight again. This time with a smart plug so I could integrate it with homey. Smart plug in my garage. Also bought some Hue Lilly outdoor spots. Just to lighten my pond and two trees. The spots for the trees needed to be able to dim to get a nice lightning and the pond needed some colour. It works and really nice.

of topic, but its looking very nice :+1::+1:

Very Nice Marcel. Indeed a bit off topic, but always interested in Nice setups

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Ah sorry guys, a bit to enthousiast I think🙈. On topic, using the zigbee network of philips does his job well in the garden. My hue bulbs in the garage are about 8 meters away of the first outdoor Hue light. Inlight lights are 12v, so only the transformator had to be plugged in a smart socket. That way you have a extra option to consider.

Np , the off topic was more for my own responce :smiley: but saw the picture and yeah nice job.

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You can try few powered devices which should act as repeaters to extend the z-wave range. Using z-wave bulbs definitely will give you a nice mesh. However, z-wave mesh goes maximum 4 hops and personally I found that sometimes and only sometimes, battery powered devices that hook after the last 4th hop might not always report their status (sensative devices in your case)

You can try the un-orthodox solution of adding an external antenna to Homey Homey antenna mod this in combination with powered devices has a good chance to fulfil your needs.