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Homey + Outdoor Lights

I just recently bought a Homey and have connected it to a couple of different Nexa plugs/lamps in the house.
Now I’m about to install some outdoor lights on my house, but I’m not sure how to do it in the best way in order to make it compatible with Homey…
Is the best solution to buy like IKEA Tradlos light bulbs and install them into the outdoor lamp fixtures/fittings? the only thing I’m worried about here is if my Apple Time Capsule Router will be enough to cover it? My house isn’t that big, each floor is around 70 square feet.

How would you solve it?


Hi Stefan,

I would suggest buying either Zigbee or zwave lamps for your outside lights. You say your house is not that big, then homey’s zwave / zigbee range should be big enough to control the outside lights.
I don’t understand why you mention your apple router though, does it play a role in controlling your outside lights?


Ok, maybe I haven’t understood the full setup then, I thought the range of the router which the Homey is connected to played a part in this?
Can you recommend any Zigbee or zwave lamps?

I guess you read something that you didn’t fully understand…

Z-Wave (and Zigbee) devices that are added to a Z-Wave (or Zigbee) network can route information to other devices that are to fare from the controller.
So if Homey can communicate to a Z-wave switch A ~5 meters away, that switch can route the packets to a Z-Wave device B that is just out of reach for your controller (Homey) and packets travel that way back from B to A to your Homey Controller.

Both Z-Wave and Zigbee do that and each form an own network. Only router devices act that way and are always mains powered but can route/relay for battery operated devices on the end of your network.

Nothing to do with your (Apple) WiFi router :wink:

If your Trådfri (zigbee) bulb is just out of reach you could probably just place another bulb or socket as Zigbee router in between.

In short: you only need your apple router for wifi, not for zwave or zigbee!