Powerplug outdoor


Does somebody has a tip for a outdoor powerplug ?
(zwave or zigbee).
I can only find the “Popp Tussenstekker Z-Wave” but i think that one is a bit overprised.


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I have the Popp, does work as expected, only power metering isn’t that great. Not using it anymore though… z-wave range is pretty bad imo

I connected two normal outdoor sockets (IP54) via a Fibaro Double Switch 2 (FGS-223). The DS2 is installed in a waterproof splitting box (IP68).
But I had the possibility to hide the splitting box.

Ye, that’s what I did in the end, added a Shelly 1PM in the splitting box which was waterproof because it is outside.

Same here, no Zwave or Zigbee but a WiFi receiver in a waterproof box. I use SONOFF mini for this. Works great. Zwave range is not good enough.

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If you have Gardena Smart Garden you can use the outdoor smartplug. Because you have in that case more gardena devices it will work smoothly. Only the prices are not smooth.