Outdoor powerplug


I have a simple need for a outdoor wall plug that works with homey pro
Tried searching the forum but i cant find a simple/good solution.
Right now im running a couple of nedis/tuya outdoor wifi powerplugs, cheap, reports power consumption (to nedis “SmartLife” cloud) and are stable/works well:

But they do not integrate with Homey. There is some ESPHome/Tasmota flash trickery possible that supposedley would make them work with HA (and homey)

But i would prefer to buy new powerplugs that works out of the box instead


  • Reporting Power consumption to homey
  • On/off capable (doh!)
  • Ip44 spec or better (weather proof)
  • EU socket


  • Zigbee or WiFi
  • Connect directly to Homey
  • 10-30 euro range
  • Not cloud based
  • Flashing hardware or building my own case (not enough time)

Some considered alternatives and related posts and questions

After some research, my power plugs seems to work nedis cloud now (will test) but would prefera a non cloud based solution…

Hoping someone have a nice solution to this simple problem :slight_smile:

Take care!

Went the tuya cloud route for now
Took some effort to setup but now i got power consumption working with the new developer api integration.

Here is some threads to follow if someone else want to try this:

Homey app:

Tuya cloud setup steps:

“Data center issues”

“QR code expired problem”
Use the correct app, only got it to work with the “Tuya” app and not the “Nedis” app

Even if you have already decided to use Tuya, it’s funny to me that you refer to posts from 2018 and 2019. In the meantime, many things have changed.

Genereic device? No → app available
No power consumption? No → have a look at the app in the app store

Zwave → Yes
Expensive → Depends on the POV

Thank you @fantross

I’m glad that I could bring a smile to your face. It’s always nice to be able to brighten someone’s day and bring a little bit of joy and happiness into their life.

Do you have experience running the Pop outdoor socket? Is the “new” app integration working well? And do you have any advice / experience with other outdoor power plugs?

No, I don’t have no experience with the POPP Outdoor Plug. In the forum it is reported that some have problems, others have no problems. I could imagine that the problems might be related to an old firmware.

I also have no experience with other outdoor plugs. But in the outdoor area I have 4 sockets in use. For this I have put 1 Fibaro Double Switch 2 module in an IP55 junction box. From the junction box I have installed 2 cables to the outdoor sockets.