Outdoor Smartplug WiFi ( EU )

Hi all,

I am looking for a outdoor smartplug for WiFi to control my outdoor lights. The KAKU is not working because of the range. Any ideas / suggestions ?

Thanks in advance

Osram has an outdoor smart + plug. But i’m Not sure if that is supported by the osram app.

Alternative could be (if your outdoor lights are 230v) an outdoor box and use a fibaro switch 2. But then you wil have to cut the wire and find a way to wire it properly.

as far as I know the Fibaro is Z-wave and as I Read the Osram is Zigbee?

Not an outdoor plug but maybe possible wit a good box a TP-Link is Wifi and works both using the Cloud-App and Locally from my Homey (To switch the Second homey Off when the 433 µController hangs.)


Correct. Missed the WiFi part… :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the replies. I will check out if I can find a proper solution and keep you posted.

Instead of the Fibaro, use a Sonoff on a regular outdoor outlet? I’d prefer this over a solution like the Osram plug, because that has a button to enable power. I’d always opt for an outdoor outlet where the power cannot be enabled outdoor to prevent others from using it, like burglars. Low risk, but easy prevention.

Yes indeed. I ordered a SONOFF this morning to check if that works

How is this working out? And what did you buy?
I have the exact same problem… Kaku not working stanle enough dispite the use of an extender.

I have bought a Sonoff device with a outdoor housing from China. I have tested the range and that works but due circumstances I haven’t had the time to install it properly yet. I hope to finally have some time next week to configure it on the Homey.

Thanks for your reply,
Keep me posted!

Do you remember how expensive it was?

The switch itself was €4,33 and the housing €4,65. I can post the link to the product, but I don’t know if that is allowed.

If u don’t tell anyone it’s ok to post the link :wink:

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The switch works on the WiFi, not yet on the Homey. But I have to say, the Outdoor box that is beiing delivered with the switch is very small so it is a struggle to get the device in the box…

I have to program the SonOff witch to communicate with Homey but it started to rain :frowning:

Does anyone know if this device works on the Homey ?

Better check the Sonoff thread;