POPP Outdoor Plugg issue


I have three of these plugs but are having the issue of them stop working, essentially cutting off access from controlling them in the Homey app.

Initially I thought it was cause of cold weather, but recently it happened when it was not even minus degrees. Any ideas on how to solve it?


PLUG (700397) (POPP Outdoor Plug (700397) - popp.eu)


I had the same problem.

Sometimes it worked for 1h sometimes 1month, but in the end the result was the same and connection was lost. Repairing helped for a while, but it happened always again. Tried pairing secured and unsecured, tried indoors and outdoor but the results was the same.

In the end I returned the device to the dealer. Unfortunately I cannot say is the problem with the device, Homey or the Popp app in Homey.

My suggestion is to contact Z-Wave Europe. With the POPP app version 3.0.0 (test channel), Z-Wave Europe has taken over the management of the POPP App for Homey.

Argh sorry to hear that!

Thanks for the suggestion fantross :slightly_smiling_face:

Any news on this I just bought a POPP outdoor switch but I cannot add it as a new device to my homey, it says that un unexpected error has occured, nothing more nothing less.

Tried it multiple times, also clean reboot, also power out for 5 min and restarted, try to add but keep getting the same error message ?

I just switched from a faulty Popp outdoor power metering plug, and the new I got just happens to experience exactly the same issue as you @ChrisBoer

App Store → POPP → scroll down → contact POPP

I have send it back to the shop and deinstalled the POPP application useless appliance

I’ve sent request

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