Popp outdoor Z-Wave plug

I recently bought a Popp outdoor smart plug for Z-wave. It connected to Homey Pro and reacts to signal like switch on or switch off. When pressing on/off Color Charge as configured and a sound can be heard, but only one problem: Connected device is always on, no matter what i press (on/off) in Homey Pro

Have a look at Advanced settings of this device, many devices have a setting for “Always On”, set this parameter to Off.

Thanks for replay. Default setting is always off. i have left it that way

May be my answer was not clear. Before flagging this issue, I had The tag «always on» set to «no»., so your answer didn`t solve this issue. sorry.

Pressing on/off via Homey smartphone app or via button at the plug?
What happens if you turn on/off the plug via the button at the plug?

Looks like the contacts of the relay are burned together, maybe due to a too big load or a shortcut in the load.

Norhing happens when pressing the physical button on The plug. Power always on.

The vender (www.Kjell.com) here in Norway, marked this smart plug to be able to handle loads up to 3500watt. I have connected a device that need only 1500 watt, but before that i connected a light strip that need around 30 watt with same resultat. Should be within acceptable range. If you have checked the source code without finding any potensial problems or errors, I can contact the shop where i bought the device and Ask for a replacement.

I don’t have this device and don’t have the code (I’m not even a programmer).
just giving my opinion.
Maybe there is a Factory Reset, that will help, otherwise, contact your vender.

Ok, thank you for your hjelp. I will contact the vender.

Then it seems to be a hardware issue.

These are my settings, maybe you can validate (it’s Dutch) and check if there are any differences. I don’t recognize your issues so would agree to the device being faulty.

I have controlled my settings and they seems to be the same as your. i provosert we lose this issue and file it as hardware problem.

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Mmmm when I checked my values haven’t been updated for five days. Resetting the app update the values instantly. But changes don’t get pushed through. Don’t think it is related since I checked the physical button and that still works.

@MarcoRuiter any thoughts? Can’t find your GitHub site anymore .

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Same problem here. Works fine when sending instructions like on/off but reported values are stale. Restarting the app immediately updates the values.

According to slack the app development now is worth popp themselves… we could reach out to them.


My bad wasn’t slack:

PoPP now does 24x7 support on the Homey app .
You can either call them +49 (0) 3723 80980 08 , email them on info@popp.eu or report it at Support - popp.eu

Don’t forget to tell them I said Hi

And just to be clear; this was a post of @MarcoRuiter on a different part of this site.

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Thanks! Will do :slight_smile:

Update: This is the answer I got from PoPP support:

Hi Anders,

unfortunately, the app is currently not yet provided by us.
Please contact Homey directly.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Z-Wave Europe GmbH
Antonstr. 3
09337 Hohenstein-Ernstthal

maybee they ran into code copying problems :joy:
but they already have submitted their app. guess deleting my code and write some of their own takes a few weeks more for them :wink:

Seems they are to proud or/and too stupid to ask me if they can use my code .
Just keep nagging , that should make them work. bit faster .


They certainly know how to communicate (internally at least…)

From their support: "Unfortunately, I do not currently have any information in this regard. " :slight_smile:

On the positive side, they are responsive so maybe they will support it well once they get something published. Until that I’d consider PoPP on Homey completely unsupported as there is no open source where I can contribute fixes and no official supported driver.

Thanks for your driver. Sorry to see the treatment by the vendor.