Popp outdoor switch z-wave error message

Is there a solution for this issue connecting POPP outdoor switch to Homey Pro 2023.
Thank you!

Hi Barry,

what type of outdoor plug is it exactly? Because there is an old one with the internal identifier POPE009105 (EOL) and a new one with the internal identifier POPE700397. The old one seems to have no security standard, the new one S2.
So I guess yours is the old one and POPP duplicated the device driver of the new one for the old one and they didn’t adjusted the part of Z-Wave security standard. But it’s just a guess because you don’t provide much information.

If this is indeed the case, then you have to contact POPP.

For the future, please follow this guideline: Problems with Homey?

Hi fantross,

Thx for your quick reply and reminding me of the forum-ethics.

I have POPP device POPE700397, so the new one. I am using Homey Pro Early 2023 7.5.0 (1357).

Gr. Barry

Hm, okay. According changelog of the POPP app they fixed already something related to this plug and some issues while inclusion (v3.2.4) and some other issues (v3.2.6). But these fixes are already some months ago and I guess you’re using the current app version v3.2.9, right?
So my only suggestion is again to contact POPP.
My experience is that they are very helpful and will probably solve the problem quickly.