Popp Outdoor Switch () does not work and identified as a Basic Z-wave device

I successfully added multiple Fibaro switches. I’m now trying to add a Popp Outdoor Switch but I’ve tried multiple times and every time it gets added as a “Generic/Basic” device. Whenever I try to switch on/off it does not work (but the LED reacts and switches between blue and green). I know the switch works since I used it before on another home automation platform.

This is what I’ve tried so far (multiple times):

  • Popp Wall Plug Switch. Model: 009105 (which should be supported)
  • Removed the device it from within the mobile app
  • Made sure it was removed in developer.athom.com > Tools > Z-wave
  • Reset the Z-wave device to factory defaults.
  • PTP (Power off for several minutes and restarting)
  • Holding the Zwave device very close when pairing (10 cm)

Any ideas what to do next?

In your list, I don’t see the App, did you install this?

Otherwise, maybe @MarcoRuiter can help you?