Water valve (zwave, zigbee or wifi)

I’m looking for a water valve, such as Spetu Z Wave Water Auto Afsluiter Zwave Smart Home Automation Werken Met Z Wave Water Lek Gas Lekkage sensor|Domotica| - AliExpress which is ZWave Plus, but probably Zigbee or Tuya/Wifi would work as well. I was not able to find an app for any of these though.
Did anyone implement a water valve, which one?

There is a valve from Popp which is supported by the Popp app.
But it is much expensive than this one from Ali.
And I don’t know if there is a difference between “Flow Stop Valve” and “Flow Stop 2 Valve”. You can ask the app developer if the “Flow Stop 2 Valve” is also supported by the app.

Tuya Zigbee Valve Controller (sold under several white label brands) is supported by the Tuya Zigbee App.

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I bought this Tuya Zigbee valve: Tuya Zigbee Home Intelligente Kleppen Water Kleppen Gassen Kleppen Manipulator Controle Intelligente Koppeling App Afstandsbedieningen Controle|Valve| - AliExpress
and Tuya Zigbee app not suported this.
Can you help me please?

Thank you for any advice.


What kind of valve are you searching? For house installation (main security waterstop) or for garden?

For water stop I have installed a Danfoss magnetic valve in the main line (open without power). Not cheap but it should hold some years :slight_smile:
The valve is activated with a simple zigbee plug.
A Fibaro water sensor is used to trigger if there is a leakage.

For garden I use two Linktap valves:

There is a Homey app available: