Controlling stopcock with smart plug and flip switch? Bad idea?

Hi all! If my solenoid valve by my main stopcock (norwegian: magnetventil ved hovedstoppekranen) is of the kind that closes when there’s no power, I could control main waterflow to the house by using a zigbee smart plug. In addition I would like to control the smart plug by using a smart zigbee flip switch (do they exist?) as it would indicate the state of the smart plug/valve.

I would like your input on all pertaining to my plans:

  1. Is it a bad idea? Any drawbacks?
  2. Why use zigbee? Why not? Any other suggestions and why?
  3. Zigbee flip switch? Cheap (I assume), simple and intuitive interface, but do they exist? Any other and better implementation?

If doable: Can you suggest a smart plug and flip switch I could use?