Wattage usage


Is there a zigbee device outlet plug which notices the amount of watt or at least the power usage thru the plug.

I want to use this as a safety feature between my irrigation pump. I can monitor an uncommanded activation.

*info: I know there are a few z-wave devices, but I am looking for the zigbee system. Preferable directly connected to homey.


I use a Aqara Double Relay in a water resistend box.
2 x Switches
1x (total) Energy usage


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Thanks for the reply.

I am actually searching for a ready to install plug (into outlet - “stopcontact”). My LEO irrigation pump has a 220v plug.

The pump has an automatic pressure switch which will kick in the pump, if the pressure after the switch drops below a certain value. To know that the pump is running, I want to install a watt usage monitor.

This will be a safety feature. If there is a piping breakup or leakage, the pump will have an uncommanded action. Combining this in a flow, I can switch off the pump.

Your solution will be a final resort. I will have to install a separete box with separate wiring.

Keep it in mind.